You Will Survive Doomsday

By Bruce Beach

Table of Contents


Here are twenty-three myths that are repeatedly heard (some much more often than others) that this document tries to dispel.

  • MYTH #01: Almost everyone will suddenly be killed on doomsday.
  • MYTH #02: Most people would be quickly killed by the bomb blasts, thermal radiation, or radioactivity.
  • MYTH #03: You can build an adequate shelter in your basement.
  • MYTH #04: You must filter the air coming into a shelter to remove the fallout.
  • MYTH #05: Water would become radioactive.
  • MYTH #06: There would be no dangerous radioactivity after a couple of weeks.
  • MYTH #07: Radiation sickness is not contagious so there is no danger in assisting those affected.
  • MYTH #08: Food exposed to radiation becomes radioactive and is therefore not edible.
  • MYTH #09: If you have a special radiation suit (like you see in the movies and on TV) you will be protected from the radiation.
  • MYTH #10: New crops of food grown in future years will not be radioactive.
  • MYTH #11: There is no such thing as a fallout pill.
  • MYTH #12: There is a fallout pill that will protect you from all radioactivity.
  • MYTH #13: There would be dangerous radioactivity for thousands of years.
  • MYTH #14: There would be no dangerous radioactivity after a couple of years.
  • MYTH #15: You are prepared if you have a two weeks emergency supply of food stored.
  • MYTH #16: You should be prepared to be self-sufficient and be able to survive on your own.
  • MYTH #17: Any survivors would have to live the rest of their lives underground.
  • MYTH #18: Life after doomsday won't be worth living.
  • MYTH #19: You need not make any preparation because you are either going to die in the holocaust or be saved (religious connotation).
  • MYTH #20: The bombs today are so large and there are so many they will destroy the world.
  • MYTH #21: You will receive adequate warning from your government.
  • MYTH #22: You will receive no warning, and there is no hope if you do.
  • MYTH #23: One of the primary targets will be nuclear power plants.

This document is published by a nuclear survival group. The group is not affiliated with any religious group or other organization. We welcome inquiries from all persons interested in joining our survival group. Send email to (Bruce Beach) for more details.