You Will Survive Doomsday

By Bruce Beach

Table of Contents

Nuclear Survival Groups

There are probably 12 nuclear survival groups in the city of Toronto. I personally know of four and I have heard of three or four others. (There may be some overlap. I can't be certain.) My guess is that there are another three or four I don't know about. Most such groups are very secretive, for various reasons. Three of the groups are headed up by instructors, like myself, who teach survival courses at the community colleges. [Author's update note: The author now maintains a listing of survival communities in North America and as of Fall 1998, had over 60 communities on the list. If you have not seen the list, you may contact the author and he will refer you to a copy].

Most of the groups contain a number of very well trained and experienced people. There are also many other groups scattered around both the US and Canada. They have their own training bases and survival courses. There is a magazine, Survive, where you can learn about some of these groups.

What is Radiological Defense Officer?

Both in the Canada and the United States the Federal Governments have trained certain individuals to be advisors to mayors and other public officials in time of nuclear disaster. In Canada these individuals are called Radiological Defense Officers.

Certain Radiological Defense Officers have received additional training, so as to become qualified to teach Radiological Defense Officers. These individuals are designated as being Radiological Scientific Officers. The supposed requirement for becoming a Radiological Defense Officer is a Ph.D. in physics, but because of a lack of candidates, individuals with lesser qualifications have been selected.