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Castlevania Bloodlines - Calling from Heaven (2005-08-05)
Works great on Nokia 3210 and LG 3200/4500. Some notes dropped on Nokia 3595/6010 due to apparent discrepency in polyphonic specs among some Nokia phone models or maybe the slower processor cannot keep up with the temp.
Castlevania Bloodlines - Anxiety (2005-08-05)
Some notes are not assigned correctly in this piece. Notes are dropped on Nokia 3595/6010. I increased the tempo to make this an insanely fast and exciting ringtone.

Notes on Ringtones

I have tested Calling from Heaven, my favorite piece, on the Nokia 3595/6010, Nokia 3210, LG 3200, and LG 4500 handsets. Even though the Nokia 3210 and 3595/6010 have the same specifications for polyphonic ringtone support the larger 3595/6010 phones have trouble playing all the notes in these pieces. This might be due to the insanely fast tempo and complex track assignments these MIDI files have. After all, these were dumped directly from SEGA Genesis ROM files, which use MIDI but probably not with the same specifications that composers do. I have tried to clean them up but my MIDI editting skills are too rusty. They sound fine on the Nokia 3210 and the LG phones.
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